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IVG Beyond 10ml Nic Salts 20mg – Mangoberry Magic


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IVG Beyond 10ml Nic Salts 20mg – Mangoberry Magic

Experience the innovative Beyond series brought to you by the renowned IVG team, featuring a unique collection of delicious berry and tropical fruit fusions designed to tantalize your taste buds. Explore tantalizing flavors like Berry Melonade, Cherry Apple Crush, and Dragonberry that will take your vaping experience to new heights.

Beyond by IVG Eliquid goes beyond expectations to deliver a remarkable vaping experience that will exceed your taste buds’ expectations. With a balanced VG/PG concentration and recyclable bottles, these e-liquids are not only delicious but also environmentally friendly, making them an excellent choice for vapers seeking quality and convenience in their vaping products.


Key Features:

  1. Flavorful Blends: Indulge in a selection of delicious berry fruits and tropical fusions that will leave your taste buds craving for more.
  2. Perfect Blend: With a concentration ratio of 50% VG and 50% PG, Beyond by IVG is an ideal choice for sub-ohm vaping, providing a perfect balance of flavor and vapor production.
  3. High-Quality Ingredients: Crafted with high-quality food flavorings, these e-liquids offer a premium vaping experience.
  4. Nicotine Strength: Each 10ml Beyond bottle contains 20mg of salt nicotine, delivering a smooth throat hit and faster nicotine absorption.
  5. Versatile Compatibility: Designed for starter kits and pod devices, making them suitable for a wide range of vapers looking to explore new flavors.
  6. TPD Compliant: Each 10ml bottle is TPD compliant, ensuring adherence to quality and safety standards, along with a childproof and tamper-evident cap for secure storage.


Flavour List:

Cherry Apple Crush
Delivering a crushing blow of both red and green apples that’s finished off with a sweet blackcurrant vest and a cherry kick that’ll have you craving for more.

Dragonberry Blend
A powerful blend of sweet dragon berries, succulent strawberries blended together with a finish of fresh blackcurrants for something like having a dragon’s breath as you puff this.

Mangoberry Magic
A fruity blend mango with sweet strawberries, then cooled the mixture off with refreshing honeydew melon for something suitably tropical and mouth-watering.

Berry Melonade
An inspired fusion of sweet blackcurrants with mouth-watering watermelons, delivered with a tang of freshly squeezed lemons that will forever imprint upon your taste buds.

Sour Melon
Combining the respective, distinctive tastes of both honeydew and ripe watermelon with a surge of sour lime that makes this flavour feel transcendent.

Kiwi Passion Kick
A merging together of kiwi and passion fruit combination with fresh tasting berries for a pleasing summer felling kick as you puff away.


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Package Contents:

1 * Beyond 20mg Nic Salts 10ml Bottle


Safety Reminder:

It is important to handle electronic smoke liquid and electronic cigarettes with care to avoid risks and ensure safety. Here are some tips to consider:

1. Prevent Leakage:
– Make sure to store electronic smoke liquid properly in a secure and upright position to prevent leaks.
– Regularly check the seals and connections of your vaping device to avoid any leakage issues.
– If you notice any leaks, clean it up immediately and replace the affected parts if necessary.

2. Avoid Skin Contact:
– As mentioned, electronic smoke liquid coming into contact with the skin can cause irritation or allergic reactions. Handle the liquid carefully and wash hands thoroughly after refilling your device.

3. Oral Inhalation Risks:
– Be cautious when refilling your device to prevent liquid from entering the oral cavity. In case of accidental ingestion, seek medical attention immediately.

4. Battery Safety:
– Always use the provided charger or a compatible charging device for your electronic cigarette to prevent overcharging.
– Do not expose the batteries to extreme temperatures or physical damage to avoid risks of overheating, explosions, or fires.
– Remove the plug from the charging port once the device is fully charged to prevent overcharging.

5. General Safety Precautions:
– Keep electronic cigarettes and liquids out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidental ingestion or exposure.
– Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on proper use, maintenance, and storage of your vaping device.
– If you experience any adverse effects while using electronic cigarettes, discontinue use and seek medical advice if needed.

Taking these safety precautions into account can help minimize risks associated with vaping and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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